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Friday, March 11, 2011


          Welcome to Scrapchicas Spring Blog Hop!! Also welcome to my blog!!  This is my first hippity hop and so excited! You should be coming from susi's blog at artcsushi .blog!! Lets get started. We will be making a centerpiece for your easter table. You can adapt this to any holiday or event. It is a candy cake!! Yup candy cake and no baking needed=)

   This is what you will need to get started:
                                                          glue gun
                                                           crepe paper or ruffled ribbon
                                                           cardboard cake circles in 3 different sizes
                                                           topper of your choice
                                                           spacers size depends on size of your candy

So first you will glue the largest circle to the toilet paper roll. You should cut the toilet paper roll to the same height as your candy. If candy is bigger look for something the same size you won't see this anyway. Next glue medium circle on top. Start gluing your candy around. The candy should fit snuggly between both circles leave a little space on the edge.
repeat this step with the smaller circle.   
You can do as many layers as you want!!when your done with your layers glue your ruffled ribbon or gathered crepe paper around the edges. So you will not see any cardboard! Then glue your topper and your done. Here is what it will look like.
Hope you liked this project. Remember you can use any kind of candyfor this i have used snickers the full size bar, hersheys lolipops pick your favorites! Remeber to follow and leave a comment for a chance to win a prize! Go on keep on hopping
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